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I am a 1st time dog owner and I must say thinking about becoming one made me extremely Nervcited!  Lol. My kids are now at the age that I feel they are able to assist in taking care of a pet so I jumped out into the deep. Crisis Dogs NC was one of the many places I searched and I must say that this company has not only met, but exceeded my expectations. They were through with the interviewing process which ensured me that this was not just a transaction…. They loved their jobs and ensuring the pets got tot suitable home. Faye was Excellent and gracious and the process was amazing. Thank you for everything, setting my mind at ease-keeping me so well informed-making this such an amazing experience. I highly suggest that anyone considering pet adoption run to this company. Their excellence is unforgettable.
Kodedra Dockery
08 Aug 2023
Crisisdogsnc  went overboard in our adoption of Harley a 1-year-old who we needed desperately as a companion for our 12-year-old Lucy  who lost her 12 old Spikey. They care-love animals. They flew Harley from NC to PA for us it took a lot of people to do that.   Now Lucy and Harley are like Mother and daughter Kiss each other sleep together walk together just a pleasure to see how they love each other every day. We are forever grateful for our new family member and all the people at Crisis Dog that made it possible. The Barker family
Barry Barker
06 Aug 2023
Jude and Dara, Holly is the greatest puppy ever. She is such a good fit for our family. She has encountered the cats a few times, but has not barked at, or chased them. The cats are slowly coming out when she’s around. It will take time, but all the signs are good.
She is being spoiled rotten here. She loves her yard and her family and her crate, and the giant bag of toys and treats we got her. My daughter Charlotte has been training Holly to shake hands and sit. They are so cute.
Thanks for all you do.
Rachel London
12 Dec 2022

After a lifetime of dogs, I adopted my first rescue from NC Crisis Dogs. He is a delight! The little fellow was very well described- by the info provided, I could get a good idea whether we were a good fit personality/size wise or had exercise needs or habits I’d find difficult to handle. I put a lot of thought into what kind of dog would fit into my life and be happy! The only organization to understand I actually do exercise my dogs by on-leash walking/ hiking. No fence but plenty of room-rural. Even if had fences. I’d prefer to supervise dog time outside. (coyotes, theft of bait dogs, escapes, boredom…) CDNC people are careful but reasonable, and they listen! Adoption without meeting seemed like a gamble, but they let me speak to foster. I felt I knew the dog as well as one could in the circumstances. They transported him a significant distance, which made my drive/first day much easier. The whole process was smooth and organized. I would recommend them highly and adopt from them again!

Reb Cornwall
01 Dec 2022

I contacted CrisisDogsNC to rescue a little pit mix named Dior from the Vance County Animal Shelter. On November 7, I will have had her for 5 months, and am so grateful to CrisisDogsNC for helping me get her! Without you guys, I think it's safe to say she wouldn't be here anymore! She recently did a 10-mile hike with me and some friends in Hanging Rock State Park and she did it like a champ. This week was also her first camping experience and she loves it!! Thank you again for your compassion, kindness, and help!

Nancy Sutton
25 Oct 2022

My son who is 4 has ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Several times a week he has horrible tantrums. He lays out on the floor, kicks, screams, and bounces his head against the floor. Baylor (Banks the bulldog) normally doesn’t pay him any mind during his episodes. This weekend, Baylor gets off the couch and lays right on the floor beside my son who is screaming. Baylor puts in leg over my son's leg and his head on my little one's belly. My son immediately stops screaming. He had 3 episodes this weekend, and Baylor did the same thing over and over again. I’ve never seen anything like it. He knew exactly what my son needed. I’ve reached out to a few people, and I’ve decided to get him certified as my son’s service dog.

Baylor is truly a God Send to us. Just wanted to say thank you again.

-Brittney Lee
13 Sep 2022

We adopted RIKKI (aka Dior) on 9-09-22 after seeing Rocco who my daughter adopted. We already have a 9month old maltipoo who took to Rikki right away. She is settling in quite nicely and has a sweet loving personality. Thank you all so much.

Donna Cribb
24 Oct 2022

This morning a little bit of a doggie was howling at our back door. Matted with grass and filthy. He was covered in fleas, his nails were curled into his paw pads and when I clipped them puss poured out!!!! His gums were red, puffy, and bleeding. The skin around his eyes was red. But he wanted to play and begged for a belly rub. I posted a cleaned-up picture on Facebook and fortunately someone that knew about your organization saw it and shared it on my page. The rest is history! I called at 11 and by 4, the kindest woman pulled up in my driveway to “ rescue” him. She was heaven sent. She immediately fell in love with his then spiffed up 7 pound self as we already had. I can’t say thank you enough! I cried, the rescuer cried but I knew he was going to get the help he desperately needed. I will be donating to your organization!!!! Thank you so much!

Cameron Pendergraft
10 Sep 2022

We adopted Jethro from Crisis Dogs NC about five years ago, right before he was scheduled to be euthanized at a high kill shelter. It was quickly apparent that he had never had any training and had learned to get attention by acting out. Any kind of negative attention like saying "bad dog" would result in him wagging his tail. Since coming here, he has learned to get praise and treats by doing what we ask and he is the happiest dog I have ever met. He wags his tail so hard that the whole back of his body wags. He is very well behaved and sweet. We are very happy to have him and grateful that Crisis Dogs rescued him.

Janet Black
28 Aug 2022

We adopted our sweet girl Roxy (previously Queenie) on 7.23.22. Roxy has settled into our family very well indeed. She loves her brother Nanook, they are besties already. Roxy had a rough start to life having been adopted previously and returned due to her dislike of cats. She'd also been with a wonderful foster mom before coming to us. A lot of change for a 2-year-old pup. Roxy loves walks, the dog park, sleeping in our bed with 8+ of her favorite toys, splashing in the ocean, nature, wildlife, treats, and playing rough and tumble with her big brother. Most of all Roxy loves to cuddle. She puts her paws right around you, completely adorable. Roxy is absolutely pawfect and we are so happy to have her. This is 100% her forever home.

Olivia Lleces
21 Aug 2022

It has been almost 1 year since I rescued Midnight. He was a harder case. With lots of love and attention, Midnight has become my best friend and protector. He went from an unhappy pup due to his unfortunate situation to a tail-wagging, stuck-by-my-side partner.<br>Thank you to Crisis Dogs for saving Midnight. He has been well worth the effort.

Gay-Ann Goodman
8 Aug 2022

We adopted 12-year-old Sadie 2 months ago and she has adjusted so well and is so well-behaved. We have to thank the staff at Crisis dogs NC for such a good job in making this happen. The whole experience was a pleasure.

Christine Schruntek
6 Aug 2022

This is my meatball Bernie who thanks to Jude and Crisis dogs NC pulled him soon before the shelter was going to put him down. It's been a tough year for a while, as he was HW+, but with Jude's help, we got him healthy. Love him so much. Can't thank you enough Jude and Crisis Dogs NC. Thank you, thank you 😊 🐕‍🦺🦮

Linze Cerese
12 Jul 2022

Tomorrow will be a week since we brought sweet Leo home. We really have fallen in love with this little guy. We are all adjusting to each other. Leo lives well with our other two dogs, it's too early to tell if they will develop a strong bond with each other. I'm learning after being bitten on the hand twice to leave Leo alone unless he comes to me. Even then he is looking for a gentle pat on the head or back, you can't scratch him all over, under his chin, he finds this uncomfortable and bites. I read a good article about how some dogs don't want and aren't comfortable with physical touch for whatever reasons from their past. It helped me to understand the way I'm conditioned to show Leo love and devotion isn't the way he receives the message. Make no mistake, we do understand Leo requires significant work when it comes to biting. We first want him to decompress and adjust to us and his new home before seeking professional help. For now, we focus on the positive and let Leo be. Leo loves his daily walks around the community and we meet other people walking their dogs when we go for our walks. Leo sleeps with us on the foot of the bed most of the time and loves snoozing in the sun in the backyard during the day. We are a golf cart community and Leo barks ferociously at golf carts, people walking dogs, and bike riders. My husband does what we call trick treats each morning. Leo does sit and shake for a treat. We are working with him to not bark and become so excited when he sees bikers, dogs walk by, and golf carts passing, using training treats. Leo loves squeak toys. We have a big box full of our other dogs. Leo goes into the box and drags toys all over the house, including the backyard. If I put them away he pulls them all out again. He squeaks and plays with them and he's so cute.<br> I see on facebook how desperate the situation is with fostering and adopting dogs right now. I wish I could tell people that there is so much to be gained by taking a risk on a dog that needs a place to land. Leo has some true issues that we will be working on for some time to come. But, there is a way to adjust and so far our schedules have not changed at all since we brought Leo home. I no longer spray to avoid him marking in the house, and gating rooms to limit Leo's access to rooms with carpet is no longer needed. Because a dog has to be the only dog, bites or has fear anxiety, as we are learning, the more we leave Leo alone to relax, and do his own thing, the better off and happy he is. This makes it so much easier for us too. If people could provide a home, time to feed a dog, commit time to a daily walk, personal space for the dog to relax, and show a dog love and gentle kindness, everything else can and will work itself out. Our schedule doesn't have to be exactly the same every day, these dogs do adjust. All of these dogs are worthy of the risk to acclimate them into our lives. Thank you again for hanging in there with Leo. My hope is when I send another update down the road there will be positive progress made to improve some of Leo's fears and anxieties that contribute to his bad behavior.

Andrea Liesman
25 Jun 2022

I saw an appeal from a friend on Facebook to save a sweet-looking pup at a nearby shelter that had not gotten any response from any rescue group. I contacted Crisis Dogs NC, along with another rescue group, but heard back immediately from Crisis Dogs NC. They didn't have any available fosters at the time, but streamlined the process for me so that I could not only foster but adopt my WONDERFUL companion!! Crisis Dogs NC was so helpful and SO responsive! I am forever grateful for their help! My heart is full!!

Nancy Sutton
16 Jun 2022

I adopted a miniature rat terrier a month ago. Poor little eight-pound man had been abused. It took a couple days for him to let me touch him. Anyway, he is my shadow and best little buddy. The process for adoption was professional and they made sure to cross all t's and dot all i's. I am going to suggest this dog loving business to everyone. Thanks y'all.

Alexander Bannister
15 May 2022

We adopted Lulu a few weeks ago and she is a blessing. Lulu loves to play with our lab. She is all around the perfect dog. Thank you Crisis Dogs for allowing Lulu to come into our home. She is the best and loved it here!

Rita and Law Family
15 May 2022

We adopted Gabriel about two weeks ago and we couldn’t love him more! We are so thankful for all the wonderful work Crisis Dogs does to help these poor fur babies ❤️

Bridget Orlando
14 April 2022

We’ve adopted Barney knowing he had some dental health issues and we were/are more than willing to do our part to get him back to great health. He is such a loving furbaby and he is currently on the mend back to great health. CrisisDogsNC have been great to work with and will help out and work with you in any way possible to insure their baby’s get a great home and insure their health issues are taken care of. I personally can’t ever repay them for their caring and kindness and would highly recommend their services if considering the adoption of a dog to love. All of their staff are so kind and went far beyond the norm of answering all of my questions and making the arrangements to put the baby boy into our hands. They are via this note given permission to post my email and I will be more than happy to help them and you in any way I can. Remember one thing please, it’s all about the dogs and they sure do care! Tom Muskett.

Thomas Muskett Jr.
24 March 2022

CrisisDogsNC and all those who work on its behalf go Above and Beyond to place dogs who are otherwise in pretty hopeless situations. Thank you all. And especially to Faye and Jude who showed such devotion placing a dog who was in particular dire need. Please support them in every way you can. They deserve it. And so do the pups they save.

Animal Lover
21 Mar 2022

We brought Rita home almost a week ago and she has already changed our lives. I feel like we rescued each other! Rita's foster mom was so incredible with the details and photos she provided. CrisisDog is amazing with all the info and advice! This is the first place I would go in the future!

Kathleen Rudolph
17 Mar 2022

We have had Alfred for just one week and he is already a part of our family. Wonderful dog from a wonderful organization. I can't say enough about the people at CrisisDogNC. Everything was done quickly and throughly by friendly, committed people. Alfred is just as described, healthy and cared for. If you are thinking of adopting, this is a perfect place to find your forever pet! We wanted an older lap dog! He is currently on my lap as I write!!

Mary Fields
31 Jan 2022

Thank you so very much CrisisDogs for your wonderful support and very thorough vetting process, to make sure that we were the right family for Gracie..(aka Dorado and Grace) From my very first email to the zoom home inspection call, numerous emails with information and advice, and our first visit to Raleigh to meet Gracie, the volunteers, and foster mother have been so helpful, professional and only want what is best for her. We have had Gracie with us for about 10 days now, and she is beginning to lose her nervousness and is able to relax with us more. We are working with a trainer to help her overcome this as well as some fear aggression tendencies. All will be fine and our new fur family member is stealing our hearts more and more each day. A huge Thank You to Jude, April, Stacy, Fran, and especially foster mother Julia.

Claudette Wren
25 Jan 2022

We recently adopted puppy Michael from CrisisDogsNC, and we are completely smitten. He came well-prepared for our home (thank you, foster momma) & was flown to our town for a modest fee. Organized, professional, and all about placing their dogs in the best possible home—a very rewarding experience.

22 Jan 2022

This wonderful agency brought me my two fur babies and I already cannot imagine life without them. The pups are absolute angels--and I think the volunteers with Crisis Dogs might be angels, too 🙂

Rose Santana
8 Jan 2022

My wife and I have enjoyed dogs and a cat (Tally lived to 20!) for our entire lives. Recently, our 18 year old Beagle passed on and we were pretty sure we would not get another pet as Jersey was the last of a litter we raised since birth in our home. Then we saw 2 Beagle Brothers up for adoption through CrisisDogsNC. One of the Beagles looked just like Jersey. That was a game changer! Our whole experience with CrisisDogsNC was positive and professional. We appreciated the thoroughness of their process since caring for a dog is a significant commitment. Every aspect went smoothly and we have enjoyed Beau and Sunny as they learn, grow and become a central part of our family. <br>We highly recommend CrisisDogsNC as they save many dogs and provide safe and loving homes for dogs they rescue from shelters and other undesirable conditions. CrisisDogsNC provides a great service and deserves support from the community.

Rose Santana
29 Dec 2021

I fostered several dogs for crisisdogsnc, when an emergency, senior foster walked in my door. He was about 100 pounds and a bit growly (his way of talking) and very handsome. Sam ended up being with me for 5ish years and was my buddy, my Velcro dog and my emotional support. I lost him recently at about 13 years old and miss him more than I can explain. The work Judith and her team do is amazing. Adopt from her, save a life, foster if you can.

20 Dec 2021

I want to wish you all a happy holiday! One of the greatest gifts for us this year was adopting Pierre, formerly known as Horace from Crisisdogs.  Pierre has adjusted perfect into our family. He wears a harness now, walks on a leash, plays at the dog park, has gained more confidence by leaps and bounds, and plays with his two dog sisters. He loves back scratches, belly rubs, and is learning everyday he can trust us, and that our reaching for him is only to love and cuddle him. He likes his homemade dog food, and thinks every time we go into the magic closet (the pantry) he will get a treat and comes running. He sleeps in our bed at night and snorts and gurgles like a little bear cub all night long. Pierre went on a big road trip to Michigan with us for Thanksgiving where he got to run on a farm, played with five other dogs, and got lot's of attention from extended family. He was the best boy on the long drive up and back, and in the hotel. Thank you for what you do. Our sweet boy is so loved and cherished, like I hope and pray every dog will be one day.

Andrea T Liesman
20 Dec 2021

We adopted Kai 3 weeks ago and he has been such a blessing. He fit right in and is so happy and incredibly sweet. He’s the best Christmas present we’ve ever had. We’re very pleased with Crisis dogs, they do an incredible job caring for the animals and insuring they’re placed in good homes.

Susan Statler
3 Dec 2021

We adopted Niki/Nika about 3 weeks ago. I can’t say enough nice things about my experience with this rescue. Nika’s foster, Terri Z was an absolute blessing to me. She was so patient answering all my questions and helping me get prepared for her. You can tell how much of a heart she has for her foster dogs. Every single person from this rescue that I came in contact with was so helpful and kind. Nika is an absolute doll baby. She is so incredibly well behaved and she fell instantly into our family’s routine. She is mending our broken hearts from losing our Ella and she brings so much laughter to our lives. We literally could not be more pleased with her or more grateful to CrisisdogsNC.

Aimie Linkous
2 Nov 2021

I can't say enough good things about Crisis Dogs NC. These people work so hard to save poor dogs in crisis. I adopted little Winnie 3 weeks ago and everything went so smoothly and I couldn't be happier! I would adopt from them again!

Ann Baldwin
21 Oct 2021

Adopted a pair of bonded Dachshunds, Sally & Sadie and they are the best little two year old girls.<br>All personnel were great and very helpful during this process. We couldn't of asked for anything better in our life. Thank you again.

Bob & Noreen Holycross
17 Oct 2021

I’ve LOVED fostering with NC Crisis Dogs. After my beloved rescue suddenly passed, I wasn’t ready to adopt again, but I still wanted to help. This has been such a rewarding program. If you’re on the fence, I’d reach out and any one of the wonderful individuals running the organization will happily walk you through the foster program and what to expect. I’ve felt supported 100% of the way, and I’m so happy to have helped give these dogs great homes.

16 Sep 2021

I have had the pleasure of fostering 4 dogs for CrisisDogs (Gunner, Stitch, Stacie and now Mellow). They have all been great dogs and Crisis dogs covered all of their vet visits, flew a few of them to me as well as sent their HW prevention, flea prevention and tags in the mail. <br> With the help of CrisisDogs we saved all four of these dogs lives! They came from high kill shelters in their last days and now everyone (except our current foster Mellow) is living their best life in their forever homes ❤ If you'd like to make a difference in even just ONE dogs life- please consider fostering. It saves lives!

Jessica Wrenn
16 Sep 2021

Recently adopted Dottie, a Catahoula Leopard mix. The entire process was designed to ensure Dottie was going to a good home and owner, and I really appreciate that. Denise, Dottie's foster, was most helpful and was extremely patient with my many questions. The work these folks are doing is nothing short of amazing! Now if I could just teach Dottie not to root me out of the bed <ha> !

Harold Aaron
14 Sep 2021

Dannie (the blue Merle pomeranian) that Miss Lexi B & me asked to join our family has been wonderful! Crisis Dog thank you for the prompt response, assistance, and approval! Dannie has settled in well we are so thankful and I am one proud mommy! Follow us on Instagram! Fondly, #dannielexib&me

3 Sep 2021

Thank you for helping us find a wonderful companion, in Ziggy (aka Loki). He is a lover and we would now be lost without him. Crisis Dog of NC does a wonderful job in preparing their animals for their forever homes!

Chris and Gayle Osborn
24 Aug 2021

Thank you Crisis Dogs, Jude, Tracy, Faye, and all of the other volunteers who brought Sandy to our lives. He brings us such happiness and inspires us when we're down. We can't express our gratitude enough!<br> Crisis Dogs stands out as a rescue team with a heart, as well as a will-make-it-happen attitude. The speed and efficiency of their rescue, foster, and adoption process are impressive! All of their volunteers are all about doing whatever is needed to make first-time fosters like us comfortable and well supported. They put you in touch with trainers like Tracy, who is patient and understanding enough to work with novices. A+ organization!

27 Jul 2021

Best dog ever!! Pepper, now Piper, is such a blessing. It's like she's lived with us all of her life. Perfect in every way! Thanks Crisisdogs for bringing her into our lives.

26 Jul 2021

Crisis dogs NC was the BEST experience we could have asked for!! We adopted Bodie, formally known as Mork, and can’t say enough kind things from everyone we worked with through the process!! We only hope Bodie loves us as much as we love him, we are trying to spoil him rotten, so everyone says we are anyway. Once again SUCH a FABULOUS organization!! Steve

18 Jul 2021

We adopted Elvira(Abbie) in October to join our family. She has been a joy! She had never had a dog bed or toys, since she had been an outdoor dog. We had some help from a trainer to help with some training and interaction with our other rescue. We loved her from the start and she has been a wonderful addition to our family! Crisis dogs NC was great to deal with, they made everything so easy!

1 Jul 2021

We have been blessed with Koda (Kody) 2 weeks ago through CrisisdogsNC and he has been a perfect fit for our family of 7 (including our Melody poodle mix). He loves loves loves all of us, he loves our backyard, his belly rubs, and walks each day. He has been a blessing from God and can't imagine our lives without him in it! Thank you crisisdogsNC for rescuing our Koda and choosing us to love him.

Jess and Andy Fisher
6 Jun 2021

There could not have been a more perfect match - thanks to CrisisDogsNC. The two senior Poms were in a true crisis state when the magnificently caring team at CrisisDogs rescued them. Every care and attention to detail was given to ensuring we were all a great match. Although the two dogs needed some healing work, Crisis Dogs kept me fully informed and when the two were ready, they were flown to me - first class care by first class people!

7 May 2021

My partner and I rescued a dog last year. It changed our lives -- and it wouldn't have been possible without the work and generous spirit of CrisisDogsNC. The dog we adopted was elderly and abused, but now has a better life because CrisisDogsNC not only rescued him, but also coordinated a "Freedom Flight" to take him from North Carolina a rescue in Pennsylvania where he ultimately found a home in ours. It should go without saying that none of this is easy, but it speaks to the dedication of the CrisisDogsNC team and the care they take with all of the animals put in their charge. I can't thank CrisisDogsNC enough.

Happy Adopter
31 Mar 2021

Sweetie and Dixie are amazing! For being seniors, they are acting like puppies living the dream! We are head over heals to have them in our lives. Thank you for making our family whole!

Melanie Irwin
22 Mar 2021

I make donations to APS Caswell County, and while donating one day met a dog, Max, that had been in the shelter almost 500 days at that time. I decided to network Max as much as possible. CrisisDogsNC saw one of my posts and rescued Max. He went to a wonderful foster home, and was just recently placed in his forever home, where he is very happy and very loved. Max was in the shelter 504 days, and because of CrisisDogsNC, Max got his happily ever after. Thank you so much to CrisisDogsNC, your rescue will always hold a very special place in my heart!

Sonja Dudley
22 Mar 2021

When Gabe passed away unexpectedly, a top priority was finding a home for his beloved seniors Sweetie and Dixie. CrisisDogsNC found the perfect owners, Melanie and Chad. We could not be more pleased. Thank you so much, Jude, and everyone at CrisisDogsNC!

10 Mar 2021

Fred the best rescue dog! He is house trained, leash trained, and rides well in a car. He has a funny sense of humor and likes to play hide and seek. What an addition to my family!! Thank you, CrisisDogs NC!

Beverly Gregory
17 Feb 2021

Today marks one year since we brought Isabelle into our lives, thanks to Crisis dogs NC. What a year it has been! Heartworms gone, but worming her way into our hearts, that is a big yes! She went from terrified to be in the same room with us to demanding to have someone rubbing her tummy! It is all about the tummy with Isabelle. We can't thank you enough for helping us find this wonderful little girl. They brought her to us from her shelter, where she didn't have much time left. Just can't imagine this little one losing out on a family. Thanks Crisis Dogs!

Cheryl Vetter
9 Feb 2021

We unexpectedly lost 2 of our 3 dogs in June. Ordinarily, we would have waited a year to get another puppy, but our 8 year old dog was very depressed, as were we. We came across Davey and were interested, but not sure how we would get him from NC to NH. We were pleasantly surprised by the care and thoroughness of CrisisDogs in vetting us getting Davey to us. A week ago we got Shelby who is 2. Like Davey, she was flown to us. I was impressed by the follow up from everyone who took care of Shelby and followed up with us to see if we needed any help with her getting acclimated. CrisisDogs is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate rescuing another pet. Hopefully, we are set for a long while. I have been following them on Facebook and am impressed with the speed and care that they rescue pets. If you can donate to this organization, please do. They are angels on earth taking care of vulnerable pets.

Sonia Pearsall
18 Jan 2021

After searching for some time for a rescue pup to share our home, we were getting discouraged. Then we found Stanley, a beagle mix, on the Crisis Dogs NC site. He seemed just right so I submitted an application 2 days before Christmas. I couldn't believe it when I heard from Jude and Stanley's foster mom so quickly, especially during the holidays. The virtual home visit happened Christmas Eve and by that night, Stanley's flight to Asheville was scheduled for the day after Christmas. Remarkable. Stanley is everything his foster mom said he would be and more. He's perfect and we love him to pieces. The adoption process was fast, smooth and professionally done. We would recommend Crisis Dogs NC to anyone looking for their new best friend.

Marcy Kniffin
5 Jan 2021

Wonderful organization. I knew of a dog that was about to be put down from an abusive owner, and they were able to remove her from the home, put her in a resort, foster her, and now she is adopted. This all happened extremely quickly, so I can only imagine the effort that it took on their part.

3 Jan 2021

CrisisDogsNC helped us tremendously with our first canine adoption. They were so helpful and attentive to our needs and through the efforts and kindnesses of Jude and Faye, we were able to find a wonderful addition to our family. We were hoping to find a companion for our elderly Bischon who lost his best buddy in July. Our bishon would howl and cry incessantly when left alone. After we adopted Chloe, a senior mini poodle, there was no more crying or howling. Our Toby is so happy with Chloe!! He is acting years younger and loves her companionship. Thanks CrisisDogsNC for the best adoption process imaginable. Chloe says thank you too!

Richard and Sara Adami
31 Dec 2020

I don’t often do testimonials but this is one instance where I am happy to make an exception. Simply put — CrisisdogsNC, and the volunteers who work there, do fantastic work. They save lives and help find happy, furr-ever homes for the animals they rescue. I discovered them purely by a happy coincidence of luck and timing as we were looking for a new small dog to adopt. In June 2019 we lost our Maltipoo, Biscuit, to cancer after a little more than 8 years. After missing out on several other adoption opportunities at other rescues, we were beginning to have doubts if we’d ever find another companion pup. Enter Crisisdogs with a dog in their care who could have been a litter mate of our dear Biscuit. He was healthy, happy and the staff were very friendly and warm. But their paramount concern was that an adoption be a happy and permanent arrangement for both dog and parents. They smoothly coordinated the adoption (including needed vet appointments) and we were able to pick up our dog at the foster on Halloween (what a treat!). We named him Marley and he has become a beloved member of the family, is my constant companion and has done much to help heal our hearts. We have CrisisdogsNC to thank for that.

Joseph Rand
28 Dec 2020

Miranda, is such a wonderful little fur baby. She has a great personality and she and Cricket are the best of sisters. <br> She is hysterical...every night when they have finished their last walk she flies down the driveway, runs through the shrubs taking a short cut to the door, runs it in reverse and then fly’s back and sits and waits for Cricket as she is slower. I say, “On you mark, get set, Go!” She blast off and we crack up. She has found her barking voice and uses it outside to greet people! We love her so much and she has her wellness exam on Thursday. Her vet loves her too!! Sue, we will be grateful forever for your being her foster mom and helping in bringing her to us. It was a Great Day!! Stay Safe!! Best, Patty

Patty Stark
17 Dec 2020

My experience with Crisis Dogs NC has been nothing less than life-changing. I lost my beloved Kashmir, a Siberian Husky/ Lab, in August after 15 years of pure love and devotion. Needless to say I was devastated. I knew I wanted to adopt a puppy, as my life does not feel complete without a canine companion. After looking online for months, I found a picture of a little puppy who was listed for adoption by Crisis Dogs in N. Carolina, and after watching a short video of the puppy with a little girl, the daughter of the foster family, I knew he was the right puppy for me. I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism and genuine love of dogs I felt from Jude and everyone from Crisis Dogs who helped me adopt Lumi, the new love of my life. The fact that I was able to talk to the foster mom to get a detailed background of Lumi’s story, and that Crisis Dogs works with PilotsNPaws and was able to organize a two- leg flight from N. Carolina to New York was beyond impressive. This has been a dream come true for me, and I hope for Lumi, too! I can’t recommend an organization more highly, and I thank the wonderful members of Crisis Dogs with all my heart.Miranda, is such a wonderful little fur baby. She has a great personality and she and Cricket are the best of sisters. <br> She is hysterical...every night when they have finished their last walk she flies down the driveway, runs through the shrubs taking a short cut to the door, runs it in reverse and then fly’s back and sits and waits for Cricket as she is slower. I say, “On you mark, get set, Go!” She blast off and we crack up. She has found her barking voice and uses it outside to greet people! We love her so much and she has her wellness exam on Thursday. Her vet loves her too!! Sue, we will be grateful forever for your being her foster mom and helping in bringing her to us. It was a Great Day!! Stay Safe!! Best, Patty

Lynn Palmer
17 Dec 2020

We searched for a long time trying to find a companion for our rescue dog Rudy. We saw a picture of Precious (renamed Missy) and contacted Jude at NC Crisis dogs. She arranged a meeting with the foster mom and we knew immediately we found the perfect match. We have her 3 weeks and they play all the time. We are so happy she joined our family .

Jeanne and Bill Hammond
3 Dec 2020

Have known and supported CrisisDogsNC for at least 2 years. Jude does wonderful rescue work and makes every effort to match owner and animal so a forever fit home is possible. She also alerts and educates the public about dangers of backyard breeders, bunchers and charlatan, disreputable groups that parade as animal saviors but are pet predators instead. Please consider contributing to her agency so more precious voiceless animal victims can be saved.

Marilyn Cowles
28 Nov 2020

What a wonderful group of people that truly care about animals! We are so thrilled to be involved with this agency & found such a delightful, older gal (beagle/ corgi mix) who has fit in perfectly with our family. So thankful there are such kind people working together in this agency! Animals need a voice & they sure do have a great one with NCCRISIS DOGS. Looking forward to helping them in the future with transportation or fostering. Will highly recommend them to my friends if any are on the search for a new, furry family member!

Cornelius Family
27 Nov 2020

I completed so many rescue dog applications I lost track of the number. It took at least a week to several weeks to even get an email acknowledging receipt of my application. So I was very pleasantly surprised to hear back the very next day from Jude at CrisisDogsNC. I got to meet my dog Molly that very day! The adoption went so smoothly and quickly I could hardly believe it. The adoption price was really reasonable, as compared to some adoption agencies. Jude was great in setting up a last minute vet appointment for Molly. I can’t sing the praises of CrisisDogsNC enough. Jude is great to work with, as was the foster mom. If you are looking for a rescue dog, I would highly recommend CrisisDogsNC.org.

Mary Tedrow
15 Oct 2020

It is a pleasure dealing with Crisis Dogs Rescue. They have big hearts, work hard to find the perfect home for the dogs that come into their rescue.<br>I have been affiliated with them for about a year now it has been very rewarding. Keep up the great work!

Mary Tedrow
25 Sep 2020

My husband and I had to put our beloved Jack Russell down several months ago and even though we still had two dogs with us, we missed having three. After filling out a few adoption applications and getting no response, I was losing hope that we'd be able to adopt a dog who needed a good home. However, I was lucky enough to find Crisis DogsNC and heard back from Jude very quickly. I had selected a beagle but she let me know that she felt that another beagle that was in their care would be a better fit for us. She knew what she was talking about because our sweet boy is a joy! The process was so quick and because we lived several hours away, he was transported by an awesome volunteer, Wayne. Everyone we came in contact with at the agency was wonderful and all of the communication was clear and quick. I am so thankful for Crisis Dogs

Bonnie Watson
31 Aug 2020

My nephews received two puppies for Christmas. They soon lost interest in them and left them in my mother's care. She is 81 years old and has many health problems. As they grew, gained weight and became more active, they became too much for her to handle. I don't live with her and it was difficult for me to provide the care they needed. It was a painful decision for my mother to agree to their re-homing as she was very attached to them. I posted the pups on Facebook and contacted another rescue with no success. A friend recommended CrisisDogsNC, so I contacted Jude. She was very encouraging and assured me that she would help us. During this time, the situation became more difficult and emergent due to my mother's health problems. We needed a quick resolution, however, we prayed and waited for the right family to adopt the pups. Jude worked diligently to find a home that would be a good fit for the family and the pups.She was thorough in checking out the home, the vet record, and even proper fencing. She accomplished our goal! A couple in Massachusetts adopted the pups. They sent me pictures and it is obvious they are settling in and getting comfortable. I am very grateful to Jude and all the staff at CrisisDogsNC and the pilots who flew the pups to their destination.

Ellen Farrar
9 Aug 2020

SPCA of the Triad had a Mastiff mix boy named Bradley. We got him from Guilford County Shelter about two years ago, and because Bradley didn't show well in his run, no one ever wanted to see him. He only had one opportunity in two years to go into a home for a trial period, and he didn't get along with the cat so he was returned within a day. <br>Crisis Dogs reached out to SPCA of the Triad and offered to take Bradley into their program and help find him a home. Within a week we received an email that Jude had found Bradley a forever home! His new adopter drove from Asheville to SPCA of the Triad to meet Bradley and fell in love. Bradley was transferred into Crisis Dogs Rescue program and has been in his forever home about a week and a half and things are going great! Thank you Crisis Dogs for thinking outside the box and offering to help us find Bradley the home he so greatly deserved. Rescues helping other rescues - it doesn't get any better than that. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!

Sherry McKnight
3 Aug 2020

Two months ago, I volunteered to foster, hopefully to adopt a Crisis dog. In all honesty, when I met her, I was disappointed because she was not the dog I would have selected . She was larger than I expected, painfully shy and smelled awful but I was committed to foster her until she was adopted. After a bath, smell has not been a problem. It took a couple of weeks for her to come out of her shell and show her personality. Now I would not trade her for anything! My husband, who did not really want a dog, fell in love with her right away and is crazy about his little girl. She is now nothing like the dog I brought home. The first several days her tail was tucked flat and she was timid and fearful. Now she is a happy goofy dog, all smiles and her curly tail is wagging and flies at full mast. I am fortunate to be able to spend an abundance of time with her. With lots of time, attention and affection she has become a wonderful new family member! She is not a puppy and crate training went well, in part, because I was able to walk her several times a day. Learning to walk on a leash was not a fun process, but with the help of a trainer she mastered that. We introduce her to everyone we can, human and canine. She is still timid with new men and large dogs. Everyone in our neighborhood knows and loves her! Even our cat has made peace with her (the cat still rules the roost.) We are delighted that Stella has come into our lives. I’m grateful that my mother walks with her granddogger and me every day. We feel and look better for the imposed exercise. Stella is now a sweetheart and a joy to be with

Catherine Lyles
25 Jul 2020

As I sit on my back patio with two 6 month old puppies at my feet it is hard to imagine what I used to do in my downtime or that I had downtime! Through a series of events my wife and I ended up not just thinking about adopting two puppies but actually doing it! From somehow finding the CrisisDogsNC website and viewing our two future family members online all the way through the paperwork, phone interviews, etc. this has been a wonderful experience. As the saying goes when adapting a rescue dog….who rescued who? <br> Our two rescues transitioned to our home environment almost immediately…..! Having two 6 month old dogs (brothers in this case) means they can learn from one another and have an ever ready playmate and they always have a buddy. Nope….they are not perfect…..require bonding time with the new family members and to work on their social ediquite with other animals but they are willing to learn if we will take the time to teach them. And we are willing to learn from them as they expand our lives with their endless energy playfulness and of course “mischief” as they explore all the neat new things they see. A true “win/win” when you adopt a rescue dog (or two). Jude and CrisisDogsNC are the best. Their descriptions on the site and during conversations are very much on target. They insure both the prospective owner and the dog match up and they are available to help if there are any issues. Thank you!

Steven Woolf
22 Jul 2020

Riff aka Little Buddy has been with us for 2 weeks now and is just the most wonderful addition to our family. Jude, with CrisisDogsNC, responded to our inquiry almost immediately and kept us informed every step of the way. Riff has made himself right at home and has learned our routines, even discovering he has his own bed. He's polite and gentle and just loves to be up in your lap. We do need to figure out how to stop him from growing and barking at his own reflection in our sunroom windows and doors, but are researching that 😉 Thank you, CrisisDogsNC, for all the wonderful work you do for our four-legged friends. ~ Deborah, Lindsay, & Riff

Deborah Miller and Lindsay Rosebrock
18 Jul 2020

Jude and team - THANK YOU. Both for the great work you are doing and for matching me with Bertie the Beagle. I was hesitant to apply as with most everyone in pandemic mode, responses from shelters and rescue groups have been super slow or nonexistent. I really appreciate the next day email response and the frequent all-hours email updates working to get this wonderful dog out of the shelter and fostered with a local friend while I traveled to NC. Both of my seniors (Beagle rescues) died in the past year and I took a chance sight unseen on Bertie and could not be happier. Your description was spot on. I hadn't even noticed he was heartworm positive in your description - that's my fault for not reading. To anyone worried about this, Jude and Jennifer have provided great care, and instructions and arranged for veterinary treatments. Completely over the top as a great experience and actually unexpected. If you've never rescued a dog before and are considering it, don't worry and don't hesitate. CrisisDogsNC has been amazing every step of the way. I definitely found the right dog at the right time thanks to their efforts.

Brian Lamar
13 Jun 2020

Jude is a pleasure to work with! Having my own rescue, we collaborate together to place dogs in their furever homes. She has an extensive adoption process to ensure a perfect match for each dog that comes into her rescue. 🐶🐾

3 Jun 2020

I would like to thank Crisis Dog ,Jude and all the Fosters for agreeing to help remove 5 of the 29 hounds that our shelter had gotten from a bad life and give them a new beginning.. We started this project on 5/20/2020 with these Jude was the first up to the plate to reach out and HELP. People and Rescues like Crisis Dog are great....I will also say that all 29 hounds have been save and no animal euthanized.... That's Crisis Dog and Jude job well done...... Tommy Bell (Supervisor Craven Pamlico Animal Shelter)

Tommy Bell (Craven Pamlico Animal Shelter)
3 Jun 2020

I have recently Fostered for CrisisDogsNC and I couldn’t be more proud of this rescue group and what they are doing. They have been an absolute gem to work with. Every person I have worked with in this group has been beyond helpful, quick with responses to questions and concerns. Helping these animals are their top priority. CrisisDogs NC, Jude & her team are angels helping these poor souls and giving them a voice and a new life. They are the voice for those that have none. Your donations are always being used appropriately and wisely to save these animals. Please continue to support their cause With any assistance or donation you are to make, I can not say enough about this group!!!!

Amy Spurley
13 May 2020

I have recently Fostered for CrisisDogsNC and I couldn’t be more proud of this rescue group and what they are doing. They have been an absolute gem to work with. Every person I have worked with in this group has been beyond helpful, quick with responses to questions and concerns. Helping these animals are their top priority. CrisisDogs NC, Jude & her team are angels helping these poor souls and giving them a voice and a new life. They are the voice for those that have none. Your donations are always being used appropriately and wisely to save these animals. Please continue to support their cause With any assistance or donation you are to make, I can not say enough about this group!!!!

7 Apr 2020

I’ve volunteered for CrisisDogsNC as a driver, foster, volunteer, and donor for about 6 years. <br>I couldn’t be more proud of anything I’m associated with. Jude & her team don’t consider how adoptable or how much it’ll cost to treat a dog when they save them. They save the dogs that other “rescues” won’t because it won’t be easy to find them a great home or foster or their vet bills will be too high. Jude & CrisisDogsNC also understand that we volunteers might have limited availability to help and they’re grateful for whatever we can do. Even if you can only transport 1-2 times a month, donate a few bucks here & there, or foster now and then they understand. I highly recommend adopting from, fostering & volunteering for, & donating to this great rescue.

Ellen Kern
2 Apr 2020

Have fostered for this group for awhile now. I have been very happy to be apart of this team. Very dedicated to saving lives.

Cathy Eubanks
2 Apr 2020

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with your organization.  My family and I love the fact that you are so caring and diligent in making sure the right dog goes to the right person/people. We love our new addition to the family and she now has her forever home and forever family! Thanks for everything!

Bob D.
13 Mar 2020

I am new to fostering for Crisis DogsNC. I have been fostering for a month now and I love it. This non-profit organization is filled with amazing women and men who are overflowing with compassion and truly take charge to find these fur babies the best homes for them. This organization works hard to make sure that the animal and the adopter are the right match for each other while also taking great care of the foster families who are helping the animals out in the mean time. I continue to be blessed in this life and I’m so happy that Crisis Dogs found me!

6 Mar 2020

We were ready to find a new companion for our dog-loving cat. When I saw "Windsor" (who we call Willie because he smiles like Willie Nelson!) on Judith's site and read that he was great with cats, I inquired. Judith responded very quickly and even arranged with Pilots n Paws to bring him to Massachusetts. The medical records that were sent with him were complete. We are Very Happy with Willie and the experience with this rescue.

Jill L Clemmer
24 Oct 2019

This was our latest foster dog and she was such a sweetie. She has been adopted by a wonderful family with 3 children and loving every minute of her new life. Fostering is something that is so very rewarding! We are older, retired and have 3 rescue dogs of our own. We think that rescued pups are the most appreciative and loving pets and have actually been foster failures quite a few times over the years because these dogs grow to love and appreciate everyone and everything around them! We believe that if others consider fostering and realize all the happiness you give to the dogs and to see them with their adopters you will understand!

Susan Mineo
22 Oct 2019

I’m a transporter for CrisisDogs NC. I don’t know exactly where to begin! Judith and her dedicated crew do soooo much for the strays, abandoned, unwanted, precious souls that due to no fault of their own are ever so close to their final hours on God’s green earth!!! All they want and need is love , attention & many times medical attention too. Judith works countless hours every day to find homes and/or fosters. Potential adopters/ fosters are fully vetted and must have stellar accommodations and vet records!!! I enjoy transporting for them!! Their work is highly commendable!!! I hold my head up high when folks ask me “what do you do?” My reply is always “I help save lives!!!” And being a part of the transporters for CrisisDogs helps me do that!!!

Jenny Moretz
15 Oct 2019

We recently welcomed Suzi to our fur family. She is a senior we found on the Crisis Dog website. Suzi is a wonderful pet and fits in nicely with our other senior pets (Havanese, age 14 and a 16 year old domestic cat). We prefer to adopt seniors because they are more relaxed and enjoy resting, which, as retirees, is perfect for our home environment. We encourage anyone interested in adopting to consider a senior pet. They are, frankly, a whole lot less work and comfortable to have around!

13 Oct 2019

I have volunteered for several different shelters in North Carolina , and CrisisDogs has always been super helpful in pulling animals in a quick and timely manner to allow the rural shelter space for new dogs coming in ! They are a wonderful organization that goes above and beyond to find loving homes for these animals ♥️🙏🏻 They are always easy to work with and super eager to help ! Great work !

11 Oct 2019

I have been fostering for Crisis Dogs NC and they are a great organization! Very organized and professional. As a foster, they make sure and work with you on scheduling medical appointments and help find places nearby when needed. They promptly reimburse if you have to pay anything, but you usually don't. They take care of everything. It really takes nothing to foster and it saves a life! They work hard to find the perfect adopter! All of my fosters have found wonderful families. It's so heartwarming! Everyone in the organization is hard working and caring. Consider being a foster. It is so rewarding and it helps save a sweet life. Thank you Crisis Dogs NC for all that you do!

Cathy Hall
9 Oct 2019

My husband and I contacted CrisisDogsNC about adopting a Walker coonhound, because we recently lost our elderly sweetheart, Savannah. We heard back immediately from this highly professional organization. Jude worked tirelessly to find a dog for us. Benny is the most amazing dog I could imagine. He is super sweet, loving, and likes people and other dogs & cats; he is house-trained, and the perfect gentleman! We couldn't be more in love with this dog and can't thank Jude with CrisisDogsNC and Jennifer, his foster mother, enough for all the incredible work they do to save the lives of so many beautiful dogs. We have found love, companionship, & happiness again in Benny! As we all know, nothing is flawless, but I can honestly say that CrisisDogsNC seeks real solutions (e.g., connections with training where needed, healthcare, etc.) to help people and dogs come together for life-long relationships that work! I can't say enough positive things about Jude, Jennifer, and all of those who make it happen at CrisisDogsNC. If you can adopt from this organization, you will be amazed!
Forever grateful! Elise

Elise Barrett
3 Oct 2019

My first foster attempt was a failure. I ended up keeping her. She's the best dog. Love her to bits. I appreciate everything that the volunteers do for these poor, helpless animals. There are other ways to help, if you can't foster. You could consider being a driver. I have lately been doing home visits prior to adoptions. I've met the nicest people.

20 Sep 2019

After years of fostering for various rescues, I have to say I get the most support from CrisisDogsNC! They will supply all your needs for the dogs that you are fostering which is so rare these days. This is a well run organization with a great network of caring and wonderful people!

Jennifer Burrows
7 Sep 2019

We adopted Gus (formerly Beethoven) on Valentines Day 2018. He has added so much joy and love to our family since! We love him dearly, and could not imagine our lives without him!

Sophie and Bob
12 Jul 2019

What a fantastic organization! While Judith and her team are great at working with adopters they are ultimately WORKING FOR THE DOGS and making sure to put these animals in the right home and that is exactly how it should be. They do not shortcut anything - application, vet reference, personal reference, and home inspection. They want to assure the right home for their "babies" and charges. They have great foster families, they communicate fantastically, great vet system, and they are great at getting animals to their new homes!!! I adopted a wonderful older dog, Sawyer. With each day, he gets more comfortable with me - probably wondering if he's going to stay in this new home!!! Oh yes, he's going to stay, and he is loved. He makes me smile each and every day! Thanks to the entire team at CRISISDOGNC - you all are blessed and do wonderful work. Keep doing what you're doing because it works!!!

Patrick Boehm
11 Jul 2019

I lost my 14-year-old Bassett lab several weeks ago. I really was not ready to get another dog yet but my neighbor, Renee, saw Gracie on CrisisdogsNC last Monday. Amazingly, Judith got to work and with the help of fosters Ian and Alyssa, and pilot Mitch, Gracie was flown from Asheville to my home town of Smithfield yesterday. I have been blessed with many wonderful dogs over the years and I can tell that Gracie will follow in their footsteps at her new forever home! She has latched onto me and follows me everywhere and loves to cuddle. We are enjoying our walks and now sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine and getting to know each other. I want to sincerely thank Judith and everyone else involved for making this happen.

Sid Weeks
12 Apr 2019

I recently adopted a fantastic little dog from CrisisDogsNC. Jude was so helpful in the adoption process. She let me know as soon as the dog was available, and the adoption process was hassel-free. Now little Ladybug (a.k.a. Molly) gets to see the ocean for the first time. A big thank you to CrisiDogsNC and their fosters for making this possible!

Beth Parker
29 Mar 2019

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