Foster Spotlight

Amy Robertson
"I started fostering for CrisisDogsNC in March 2021, so it's been almost two years and 15 dogs later!
My favorites have been Jake, RitaBiscuit, and Rocky. Each of them had a terrible story of neglect or abuse or medical issues, and they each had a happy new beginning with their perfect adopters.
I had the chance to talk to potential adopters and give my input, so I was part of the screening process of choosing the right home. The screening was incredibly thorough, and the adopters were always very impressive and impressed!
Letting go is part of the process. Yes, I cry when they leave, but the tears aren’t all sad.
Why do I foster? Because I can make a difference in the life of a dog and in the lives of many dogs.  It is something tangible I can do that also adds a lot to my own life as well.
I love CrisisDogsNC. You give me the support and resources I need to turn around a sad story into a joyful one."

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