Adoption Process


So You Want To Adopt Your New Best Friend

CrisisDogsNC is committed to the lives of the dogs we adopt to loving homes. We adhere to high adoption standards, follow up to ensure a perfect match, recommend trainers as needed and AT ANY TIME WE ACCEPT THE RETURN OF  OUR ADOPTED DOGS if the dog’s well-being cannot be sustained.

Adopter Requirements

Our principal interest is the safety and long-term well-being of our adopted dogs.  We look for caring environments that provide the dog with the physical and emotional sustenance for a happy and long life.

*Excellent vet reference: applicants' current or prior dogs must be up-to-date on shots, neutered, and receive monthly heartworm prevention. Medical conditions requiring treatment must also have been addressed.

*Applicants' absence of health issue (s) that will interfere with the care of the dog.

*Virtual home visit: Meeting our applicants in their homes is largely done virtually.   We (and the dogs) prefer non-smokers.

*Security:  Fenced yards are preferred but not always required. Electric fences are not preferred but are evaluated on a dog-by-dog basis.

Our Provisions

We rely on veterinarians, behaviorists, and our foster homes to assess our dogs. Not all conditions can be previewed, however. We are, therefore,  not responsible for the treatment of medical conditions not diagnosed prior to adoption or behavior not observed/documented at the foster home.

CrisisDogsNC provides:

*Full pre-adoption vetting, including wellness exam; spay/neuter (exceptions due to medical advisement); deworming; microchip; heartworm test.

*Treatment of conditions diagnosed pre-adoption including heartworm and, in most cases,  dental surgery.

*Printed Introduction Guidelines for bringing your new dog into your home. Specific recommendations by our trainer, Tracey Oliveto, of Butch and Sundance K9 Training (

Note: Surrendering a CrisisdogsNC dog you adopted to a shelter, is specifically prohibited by contract. CrisisDogsNC will pursue legal action against such a violation. Transferring to a third party is also prohibited without the prior approval of CrisisDogsNC.

If you are willing to wait for the right dog to be matched to you, you are an ideal candidate for CrisisDogsNC. As our success rate proves, these precious dogs are well worth the wait.



We appreciate you wanting to bring a dog into your home. In order for us to find the right dog for you, we need you to submit an adoption application.


We will review your application upon receipt. If we have any questions or concerns, we will contact you for clarity.

Home Visit

Once your application review is complete, a CrisisDogsNC volunteer will contact you to schedule a virtual home visit and discuss all-things dog. During the home visit, we look for potential hazards for the dog that the adopter may not have considered. All household members must be present during the home visit. This includes all pets.

Finding Your dog

Once approved to adopt, the search for your dog begins. Volunteers will begin to evaluate dogs currently in our care who may be a good fit for you and your family. We would also be open to discussing dogs in our care that you are specifically interested in.

Additional Information

  • We will not discuss adoption details regarding any particular dog if you have not yet applied to adopt.
  • CrisisDogsNC is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization. We will make every effort to schedule your home visit in a timely manner. Please be patient with us…the dogs need our time too.
  • Adoption fees range from $50 to $650, based on the age and health of each individual dog.

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