ReHome Your Dog

The life of your faithful companion is in your hands.
We receive 100s of requests every week to save dogs who are out of time in shelters, living on chains, or facing extreme abuse or neglect. These dogs are our priority. Our foster homes are full with dogs waiting for homes. Most rescues are facing the same dilemma. We realize that the unexpected happens in life, and for reasons of financial stress or moves, you find you cannot keep your dog. Perhaps your dog’s behavior has suddenly changed, and you cannot cope.
If you are absolutely out of options and have no choice but to find a new place for your dog, we would like to refer you to 'Re-home.' If you must re-home your dog, NEVER offer them for free on CraigsList or Free to Good Home ads.  Dogfighters and backyard breeders routinely cruise those pages for free "bait" for fighting and breeding dogs.   Do not let your dog fall victim to scammers and ruthless pet traders: Verify the applicant!  Ask for at least $100; that will weed out some scammers.  Always ask for a veterinarian's reference and call the veterinarian to ensure their current and prior dogs' records are up to date.  Do a home visit!  See the home yourself to ensure it is real and viable.  If you want help verifying potential adopters, contact us, and we will screen at a very minimal cost.
If you must find another home for your dog:
Avoid Scams
Breeders and Dog Fighter often pose as adopters. Do not post in Free ads or Craigs List or Free on Social Media. Your dog could end up as a backyard breeder or a bait dog for dog fighting.
Please DO:
  • 1.     Consult your vet if your dog’s behavior has suddenly changed. This can be due to a medical problem, pain, or exceptional stress.
  • 2.     Consult a trainer if there is no medical basis for behavior change. The trainer should only use positive techniques. We can offer referrals.
  • 3.     Spay or Neuter before rehoming. Dog breeders posing as adopters picking up from Free ads. Your dog could end up bred to death in a filthy cage.
  • 4.     Ask your vet if responsible clients might be interested in your dog.
  • 5.     Post on legitimate adoption sites like Adopt a Pet, Rescueme. Screen adopters and ask for a  fee of at least $150 to avoid scammers who would resell, breed, or fight your dog. Always ask for a vet reference and always visit the home yourself to make sure it is viable.
  • 6. Contact us for help. We can:
             *Mobilize our network to advertise your dog
             *Screen applicants for a minimal fee

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