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Upcoming Events

Please take a look at our events below. We have ongoing Adoption Events as well as Fun & Fundraising Events.

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FAMILY DAY 23 Flier boxed square sparkle

Making Kinder Kids is Easy!

CrisisdogsNC has formed an educational partnership with Bene World LLC, a company that creates and produces Toys with a Purpose. Sparkle is an interactive stuffed animal that teaches kids respect, empathy, kindness, and giving to animals. CrisisdogsNC benefits from each Sparkles dog kit sold. Check it out!

When ordering, please click the checkbox that says:  Yes! Please send $10 of my purchase to CrisisDogs


CrisisDogsNC T-Shirts

ORDER OUR NEW T-SHIRTS! Pure soft cotton. M, L, XL. $25+ postage. They are gorgeous! Email with your size, and we will provide payment instructions.

Delivery time is approximately two weeks. First batch – limited number.

                     Support our Rescue, Vacation in France!


                    Receive a Portrait of Your Beloved Pet

Canadian artist Isabel Ruttle Is offering her talents to help dogs in crisis. For a $250 donation, she will create an acrylic and watercolor portrait of your beloved companion. Here are just some of the portraits which generous donors have received:

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