I'm staying with the rescue furever!

Frankie was so badly beaten his back is permanently curved. The X-rays of Frankies back show the fractures have healed, but there is no corrective surgery to help him improve. Frankie has chronic UTI infections and has had a difficult year at his foster home, where he is receiving therapeutic care. The first eight months in his foster Frankie would pee and poop out of fear. He was paralyzed with fear and terror at a human touch. Today, Frankie does zoomies around the yard, cuddles with his foster mom and siblings, loves riding in the car and has joie de vivre attitude. Frankie's medical bills average $175 a month for daily medications. Frankie is the perfect example of how a lot of love and patience can heal the most traumatized dogs, and that dogs only desire is to love and protect their master.

You can sponsor Frankie with a onetime donation or a monthly donation to help with the cost of ongoing care or the collective care of all of our Forever Foster and Hospice dogs by following this link. Donate - CrisisDogsNC

  • 61 - 70 Pounds

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